Hello everyone. We have a new release with over eighty new and improved nodes! And we have the results of your thoughts on Vuo’s pricing.

Vuo 1.2.6 release

We’ve just released Vuo 1.2.6. Its headline features are:

  • node sets (31 new nodes) for fetching, working with, and saving tree (XML, JSON) and table (CSV, TSV) data
  • 14 new image filter nodes


A sample of Vuo 1.2.6’s new image filters, Make Crosshatch Image, Make Cartoon Image, Pixellate Image Radially, Solarize Image


  • many performance improvements, including a workaround for a bug in Apple’s AMD X4000 drivers

  • many functionality improvements, including

    • Added “Activate” port to Launch App
    • Changed Receive Live Video to output timestamps starting at 0, instead of using the camera’s arbitrary timestamp
    • Added support for data: URIs
    • Added support for finding Mac PICT files
    • Added “Center” and “Height” ports to Vignette Image
    • Added triangular and hexagonal modes to Pixellate Image
    • and more

There are several editor improvements, including:

  • reorder published ports by dragging
  • duplicate cables by holding ⌥ (Option) and dragging; now you use ⇧ (Shift) to create event-only cables
  • edit sub compositions without having to close and reopen the compositions that use them
  • find nodes on the canvas by pressing ⌘F

The 1.2.6 Pro version adds nodes for:

  • liquid resizing and liquid masks for images
  • measuring image sharpness
  • union, intersection, and subtraction of 3D objects
  • ability to hierarchically flatten 3D objects

View the release notes for all the specifics.


Results of the community pricing poll


Many of you have weighed in on what Vuo should cost in order to grow the community. We received 98 responses, 10 where the response was “other,” further explained in comments. As you can see, 23 people thought Vuo’s price should stay at $49, 19 thought it should be $24, and 21 thought Vuo should be free with restrictions.

Some of the supporting comments were:

  • “Although I live in a country that makes US $49 a lot of money for most of us I think your present business model is quite effective.”
  • “Thanks to the fact that there is a free trial, the $49 never prevented me to use Vuo, I think it’s a fair price.”
  • “You mention the main goal is to grow the community. There is no better way than to make your software free and have MORE people using Vuo. That way there will be many more pro’s who will switch to Vuo and can afford the pro license.”
  • “Free trial with strong restrictions e.g. resolution, special nodes, watermark will get more people interested but may also come with a higher support burden.”
  • “I really want to see Vuo succeed, but I worry that it doesn’t open enough doors for new users until they fork over some money. I think killing the price for the non-Pro version and removing functionality would be the wrong move…”
  • “I’m sure there are many people out there that could benefit from Vuo that are unaware of it.”

We received comments about:

  • having a more fully-featured free trial (with some saving)
  • deeper discounts or free for students and teachers
  • free for non-commercial use
  • selling nodes or node sets individually
  • creating Windows or Linux versions
  • periodic sales
  • selling via subscriptions
  • changing our upgrade pricing
  • having both a free version and a regular version, in addition to Pro
  • strengthening our community outreach efforts
  • changing how we award votes
  • improving Vuo’s functionality
  • improving Vuo’s visual design

We consider every comment we receive, and your comments will help us figure out any pricing changes in the future. In the meantime, we’re adding new functionality for Vuo 1.3, and we’re working on some design changes along the lines of what some of you have suggested in discussions.

Thanks for your input, we value it greatly. Please use our contact form if you have more to share with us.

Jean Marie
Team Vuo