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We just launched the Vuo Composition Gallery! This is a place where you can submit and share compositions with the Vuo community.

We also just launched the Community Spotlight, which you can see on the bottom left of the front page. This provides a focal point where we can highlight and share the work of individuals from the Vuo Community. Submitting work to the Composition Gallery is one way to make your work eligible for the Community Spotlight. If your work is chosen for the spotlight, you’ll receive a free Vuo credit!

Speaking of spotlight — part of our team used Vuo in the recent Asheville electro-music festival! Steve Mokris performed an original audiovisual composition featuring Vuo. He created visuals that bounced, faded, and swung around — all intricately reacting to the music he was improvising. Check out the video of the performance to see Vuo in action!

Besides Steve's own performance, he and Jaymie Strecker used Vuo to improvise visuals for several other musicians. These included video mixing for music by Michael Peck and reactive graphics for music by Yonder and Dreamphonic. Jamie McMenamy of Dreamphonic wrote to Steve, "I think the visuals flowed great with our set. We always imagine Dreamphonic's music with visuals so it was a pleasure to have the Vuo visuals supporting us."

We just posted one of the reactive graphics compositions in the Composition Gallery. If you have Vuo material you’d like to share with the Vuo community, please consider submitting it to the Composition Gallery!

Many thanks for your continued support.

We look forward to seeing what you create!

Team Vuo