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You're on our mailing list because you’re interested in Vuo — we want you to influence Vuo’s development. On October 24th we released Vuo 0.5.0, and it's been non-stop development since. With the start of a new year, we’d like to hear from you about our progress and where we should go from here. Vuo is an active collaboration between Team Vuo and you, the Vuo community. The more clearly we understand your interests, the better Vuo can reflect them — so please share your thoughts!

So you can efficiently give us input, we’ve created a short survey. The survey will only be open for a week and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Whether or not you have ever used Vuo, we want to hear from YOU. Your responses will remain confidential, although we may share some typical comments anonymously to let everyone know what community members think. (If you don't want any of your comments shared, just let us know.)

Click here to provide your feedback!

Feature Requests

Also, if you have a good idea about Vuo — we want to hear it! Vuo Feature Requests is a community platform for submitting specific suggestions on how to improve Vuo. Feature Requests may cover improvements on how the Vuo Editor works, suggestions for new nodes, recommendations for example compositions, or changes to Vuo’s documentation. In fact, any aspect of Vuo that the community cares about is open for a Feature Request. As you can see, several members of the community have already provided suggestions.

Our feature request policy page tells you how to submit a good feature request, and what happens when you submit one. Feature Requests become mini-crowdfunding campaigns, where people pledge credits to get features implemented. Team Vuo may choose to completely or partially fund the idea internally, so let us know what feature is important to you. You never know until you post how many others think the same.

We hope your voice will help guide Vuo's next steps during this pivotal time of development!

Team Vuo