Happy winter/summer solstice! We hope you’ve been enjoying the Vuo 1.2 release. Thanks so much to everyone who’s provided feedback and helped spread the word.

End-of-year discount

Last year, we offered a special end-of-year deal on Vuo. Since a lot of people liked that, we’re offering another special deal this year. From now through December 31, all purchases are 20% off! Just add Vuo to your cart and enter this coupon code at checkout: e5cVg4HL

If you haven’t upgraded to Vuo 1.2 yet, or if you’re considering moving up from Vuo to Vuo Pro, now is a great time. If you’ve already bought Vuo for yourself, keep in mind that Vuo makes a great gift for a creative person in your life. (If you give Vuo to someone, you can add that personal touch by taking the time to show them a few tricks.)

A couple details about the discount — it applies to all types of purchases (new licenses, gift licenses, conversions from Vuo to Vuo Pro, and upgrades to Vuo 1.2). You can use the end-of-year discount in combination with the academic or bulk discount.

Community spotlight: jens probst exhibits auto accessories on 12 screens

We love highlighting the amazing projects being done by people in the Vuo community! Today we’re highlighting jens probst (a.k.a. @zwei-p), who used Vuo in an exhibit at one of the world’s largest auto trade shows. Read more about it here.

Photo of jens probst’s exhibit

Are you using Vuo in an exhibit, performance, or other project? Let us know! Your work could be featured in a future community spotlight.

Team Vuo