Vuo 1.2 adds a major feature our community has asked for: subcompositions. Now you can organize and simplify your compositions by turning a composition into a reusable node that can be used inside of other compositions. We've also worked hard at improving performance, so that large compositions start up faster, graphics compositions render more smoothly, and compositions running in the editor use less CPU. And that's nowhere near all.

With Vuo 1.2 you can:

  • Add joysticks, game controllers, and other USB-HID-compliant devices to your composition.

  • Use new timing nodes to trigger animations at a certain time of day, at certain times relative to the start of a performance, or relative to events such as a mouse click.

  • Sync visuals to a track’s tempo, even when the tempo changes, using the new "Detect Audio Beats" node.

  • Use additional 3D graphic shapes and 2D image filters, including a frosted glass effect, posterize effect, a radial RGB offset effect, and noise image generators.

  • Import text from files into your composition.
  • Launch apps, create files, and drag files into your composition from outside Vuo.
  • Send OSC messages.
  • Use a fisheye camera (Vuo Pro).

  • See smoother rendered images using a new multisampling (antialiasing) port.
  • Enjoy many editor improvements, including more convenient node placement, zoom to fit a selection, and new shortcuts.

Check out our 1.2 video:

Here's our 'family portrait' of new 1.2 nodes:

That's just a sample of the new stuff in Vuo 1.2 — for the full details, check out the release notes! And, for more images and videos, see our Vuo 1.2 media kits for general audiences, dome and VR media creators, and VJs and visualists.

Buy Vuo 1.2 for $49 USD, or Vuo Pro for $149 USD. Or if you already have Vuo or Vuo Pro, you can purchase this upgrade for just $24 USD. Anyone who has purchased Vuo within 30 days preceding the release will receive Vuo 1.2 for no additional cost.

Jean Marie
Team Vuo