Contest starts today — create an effect for CoGe

We’re getting together with Imimot, makers of CoGe, to host a contest for the most awesome image filter made in Vuo. The winner will get a Vuo Pro license and a CoGe Single User license.

To enter the contest, create an image filter composition (File > New Composition with Protocol > Image Filter) and a video demonstrating how it works. For details, see the full instructions and rules.

The contest starts today and runs through Sunday, March 13, 11:59pm GMT. The winner will be chosen by a poll that will be open for voting March 15–22.


Features for Vuo 1.3

Thanks to the community’s feature requests and votes, we have a great lineup for our next release. Vuo 1.3 will include:

For the full list, see the feature requests chosen to implement.

We’re getting new feature requests every week. You can get a rundown on the Vuo Facebook Group every #FeatureRequestFriday.

Your votes help determine the features that go into Vuo. Features that have been already been added to Vuo because of votes include HID input, serial input and output, barcode reading, the ability for a composition to go fullscreen on startup, the ability for a composition to launch an app, and snap-to-grid on the composition canvas.


Tip: Organize cables for an easy switch to a different rendering destination

Azy (@krezrock) shared a tip that can save time when you’re changing a composition from one that runs on its own to one that runs inside of CoGe or VDMX. If you initially design the composition to send its output to a Render Scene to Window or Render Layers to Window node, you might have to move a lot of cables around to reroute the output to an image published output port. Azy figured out how to avoid this problem: use a Combine 3D Objects or Combine Layers with Transform node to bundle the cables.



Tip: How to make Process List and Build List play nice with other triggers

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to iterate through a list with the Process List and Build List nodes. If you’re looking for a way to do something repeatedly, these may be just the nodes you need. Here’s an answer to one of the most frequently asked questions: Why is the output of Process List getting jumbled?

Team Vuo