Leap Motion — controlling compositions with hand movements

Do you have a Leap Motion Controller? Check out the new Leap-controlled compositions in the gallery, including…


Leap Fluid by @George_Toledo, a simulation of fingertips trailed through liquid, and…


Pottery Wheel, a virtual spinning piece of clay that you can carve with a finger.

Have you made a cool composition with Leap? Share it with the world! You can post it in the Vuo Composition Gallery and the Leap Developer Gallery.

Earn 50 votes by sharing a composition

Speaking of sharing compositions… Did you know that, the first time you upload a composition to the Vuo Composition Gallery, you get an extra 50 votes to use on feature requests?

With every Vuo release, Team Vuo implements some of the feature requests that have gotten the most votes from the community. Great ideas from the community turn into great features in Vuo — like nodes for communicating with serial devices like Arduino, the Displace 3D Object with Image node, the Find Barcode in Image node, the ability to make the Vuo Editor window transparent, and the ability to neaten your composition by hiding cables.

When you buy Vuo, you get 50 votes to give to your most-wanted feature requests. The first time you post a composition to the gallery, you get 50 more votes!

Educational discount

Team Vuo has gotten a lot of requests from students and teachers asking about an educational discount. Well, now we have one!

College/university students, and staff and faculty at all grade levels, receive a 20% discount when buying Vuo. To get the discount, just use your academic email address and send a photo/scan of your ID card to info@vuo.org.

Thanks for your continued support — we look forward to seeing what you create!

Team Vuo