We’ve been making great progress on Vuo. The compiler and editor are coming along nicely. Our primary focus lately has been to provide a way for 3rd-party application developers to support Vuo plugins. We’d hoped to have the website ready for you to purchase subscriptions and make donations in December, but we didn’t quite make it; we expect to have this ready within the next couple weeks. We’re on track to have a public beta ready for you by the end of April.

We’ve been receiving an increasing number of inquires from people excited to get started using Vuo — even one entitled “More Updates!” Thanks for your enthusiasm! So, here are some specific updates, straight from our development team:

Team Vuo. From left to right: @jstrecker, @mkegan, @khenkel, @tmoles, @bmellen, @mradcliffe, @jmcc, @smokris.

Jaymie Strecker

To make it easy for 3rd-party application developers to add support for Vuo plugins, I’ve been working on an API that lets them control and synchronize with a Vuo composition, and efficiently transfer data (like OpenGL textures) to and from a composition.

Melissa Egan

I’ve been working on preparing distributable versions of the Vuo editor and framework, to make sure that the process of installing and getting started with Vuo will be quick and easy for Vuo’s new users and 3rd-party developers.

Steve Mokris

Since the Vuo Compiler is now at the point where it allows user-defined types, I’ve recently been focusing on creating the types and nodes necessary for OpenGL image processing and scene rendering — so it’s been exciting to start seeing some graphical output from Vuo compositions, which have until recently been text-only.

Jean Marie Cackowski-Campbell

I have been constructing the next version of our website — developing the logic flows to support subscriptions, working on the visual theme with our designer, and writing content.

Matthew Radcliffe

I am implementing a transaction-based credits system, which we will use for the vuo.org subscriber portal. Instead of making a custom hack just for our site, I’ve been collaborating with other developers in the Drupal community to make this a reusable system. (Oh, I am also making an oscillator using the node sets currently available in the editor.)

Thanks again for all your support and interest, and for your patience as we bring this dream to fruition.

— Travis