Since the last alpha release, we’ve added several new features — USB HID input, OSC output, and the ability to drop files into composition windows — and made a bunch of performance improvements (particularly Play Movie, Fetch Image, and Sample Color from Image), and fixed several bugs.


  • Modified
    • Simplified “Shuffle Letters” by using the new Split Text node, and made it animate every frame.
    • Simplified “Send MIDI Notes” by using the new Scaled Start and Scaled End ports on Make Gradient Noise.
    • Added an outline to the circle cursor in “Flip Photo” so that it’s visible against the white background.
    • Fixed brief rendering at the wrong font size at the beginning of “Render Movie Trailer”.

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

    • Fixed a memory leak in Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies.
  • vuo.event
  • vuo.file
    • Added Create Folder. (Thanks to Sebring Studio / Fireshot Productions for commissioning this node!)
  • vuo.hid
    • Added Receive HID Controls, Filter Control, Filter and Scale Control, Get Control Values, List HIDs, Find HIDs by Name, Make HID from Name, and Get HID values.
  • vuo.image
    • Added Frost Image.
    • Changed the output of Blend Image from 8bpc to 16bpc when blending an 8bpc image with a 16bpc image.
    • Fixed incorrect handling of file URLs in exported apps in Warp Image with Projection Mesh. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for reporting this bug!)
    • Fixed glitchiness in the output of Blend Image for 16bpc input images with alpha values greater than 1.
    • Fixed incorrect handling of transparency in Fetch Image, Save Image, Blend Images, and Make Checkerboard Image.
    • Fixed corrupt images created by Save Image from 16bpc input images.
    • Fixed a memory leak in Save Image.
    • Fixed the Width port of Vignette Image to represent the diameter instead of the radius.
  • vuo.keyboard
    • Fixed a crash in the Key input editor when the Mac OS X input source is set to Romaji, Hiragana, or Katakana. (Thanks to @Yuya Takeda for reporting this bug!)
    • Fixed the hard-to-read text color in the Key input editor when Dark Interface is enabled.
  • vuo.list
    • Allowed the Count Items in List node to be used as a type converter (displayed in a collapsed form).
    • Improved performance of Build List and Process List.
  • vuo.math
    • Limited the width of the Calculate node’s constant flag.
    • Improved performance of Calculate.
  • vuo.noise
    • Added Scaled Start and Scaled End ports to Make Gradient Noise.
  • vuo.osc
    • Added Send OSC Messages, Make Message, List OSC Devices, Find OSC Inputs by Name, Find OSC Outputs by Name, Make OSC Input, Make OSC Output, Make OSC IP Output, Get OSC Input Values, and Get OSC Output Values.
    • Deprecated Receive OSC Messages (vuo.osc.receive), replacing it with the new Receive OSC Messages (vuo.osc.receive2).
  • vuo.point
    • Improved performance of Make Parametric Points and Make Parametric Grid.
  • vuo.rss
    • Added the ability to create a Fetch RSS Items node by dragging an RSS or RDF file onto the canvas.
    • Fixed a crash in Fetch RSS Items when an item lacks an image.
  • vuo.scene
    • Added Rows, Columns, and Slices input ports to Make Cube with Materials.
    • Fixed incorrect handling of the alpha channel when Luminance is selected in Displace 3D Object with Image.
    • Added Select Input List, Select Output List, and Select Latest List nodes.
  • vuo.smooth
    • Fixed a “nan” output in Smooth with Inertia when Time is 0, Set Target gets an event, and Set Target is not equal to Set Position.
  • vuo.syphon
  • vuo.transform
    • Fixed singularities causing sudden jumps when smoothly changing values are fed to Get Transform Rotation for transforms made from Make Quaternion Transform. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for reporting this issue!)
  • vuo.type
    • Clarified the collapsed titles of type converters that convert between integers, reals, and 2D/3D/4D points.
    • Deprecated Convert Boolean to Text, Convert Integer to Text, and Convert Real to Text. These have been replaced by Summarize Value.
    • Enabled Receive Live Video to capture video from a tethered iOS device. (Thanks to @DomeClub for asking about this!)
    • Added support for AAC and MP3 audio in the Play Movie node.
    • Improved forward playback performance for many videos in the Play Movie node.
    • Fixed a hang in Receive Live Video when the camera gets unplugged.
    • Fixed confusing error logs from Play Movie by changing its default URL value to empty text. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for asking about this!)
  • vuo.window
    • Added Receive File Drags.
    • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor set by Change Mouse Cursor would sometimes remain after the composition stopped.
  • Added a Multisampling input port to Render Layers to Image, Render Scene to Image, and Render Scene to Stereo Images, and automatic multisampling to Rotate Image.
  • Added validation to make sure the minimum, maximum, and default are in the right order in the Real Regulation-type input ports of Filter and Smooth Controller and Receive BCF2000 *.
  • Improved performance of nodes that download images from GPU to CPU — Sample Color from Image, Save Image, and Find Barcode in Image — by caching the downloaded images.
  • Smoothed the ridges between colors in gradients created by Make Linear Gradient Image, Make Radial Gradient Image, Make Linear Gradient Layer, and Make Radial Gradient Layer.
  • Added a Noise Amount input port to Make Linear Gradient Image, Make Radial Gradient Image, Make Linear Gradient Layer, and Make Radial Gradient Layer.
  • Fixed incorrect scaling of layers/objects in Arrange Layers to Grid and Arrange 3D Objects in Grid with Scale to Fit for some aspect ratios.
  • Fixed incorrect scaling of text when moving a window between Retina and non-Retina displays.

Vuo Editor

  • Clarified the dialog messages regarding the Vuo activation: better described the restrictions of the free trial, and better addressed users with accounts who haven’t purchased Vuo.

  • Stacked nodes vertically instead of diagonally when creating multiple nodes at once.

  • Fixed a bug where non-integer framerates would be rounded down when exporting movies. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for reporting this bug!)

  • Fixed the lack of helpful error message when trying to export an H.264 movie larger than the H.264 spec allows. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for reporting this problem!)

  • Fixed the crash and provided an error message when trying to export a movie larger than the system VRAM can hold. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for reporting this bug!)

  • Fixed a bug where, if the file extension was omitted when saving a composition, the composition wouldn’t appear in the Open Recent menu.

  • Fixed code-signing so that Vuo Editor can run on Mac OS 10.11.

  • Fixed a crash when exporting a movie while an outdated/broken node class is installed.

  • Fixed the color of bullets in node descriptions when Dark Interface is enabled.

  • Remove: Changed the behavior of the “Undo” keyboard shortcut to be less confusing when using the Enter key in the Node Library to create nodes. The “Undo” now applies to the canvas, not the search bar.


  • Fixed the capitalization of variable names in the descriptions of Make Parameteric Points, Make Parametric Grid, and Make Parametric Mesh. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for reporting this problem!)

Vuo Compiler and Runtime

  • Fixed a bug where the runner would lose contact with the composition if a node took longer than 5 seconds to execute.
  • Fixed a bug where the runner would lose contact with the composition when nodes were heavily using the global dispatch queue.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened after quitting a composition while a movie is being recorded, while the save movie dialog is displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the composition would not leave the save movie dialog open for more than 5 seconds if the composition was quit while a movie was being recorded.
  • Fixed memory leaks when events are dropped from triggers that fire data of certain struct types.
  • Fixed incorrect values for VuoColor and VuoPoint4D port types fired from a trigger port.


  • Composition runner API
    • Fixed a crash in VuoRunnerCocoa when trying to run a composition while an outdated/broken node class is installed. (Thanks to @lov and @MartinusMagneson for reporting this bug!)
  • Node and type API
  • Command-line tools
    • Added the option for vuo-link to output a dynamic library instead of an executable.
  • Fixed a bug where Pro users were denied access to Pro nodes and features on Mac OS 10.7 in 3rd-party applications using the Vuo framework and in command-line tools.
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