Updated and cleaned up version of "Magneson's List Tools" compiled for Vuo v2.0.3

Most nodes are now of the generic type kind so it requires less specialized nodes for each type. Sorting is still reals only due to me forgetting how i coded it, and not understanding what's going on with it anymore. I also think by the looks of it that I'd have to make separate 2d/3d/4d nodes for it which is cluttery and probably only for edge cases anyways - so you'll have to split the lists instead. Which you now can do with another node in this set!

Circus Family celebrates rainwater and Sinterklaas

Circus Family, an audiovisual design studio in Amsterdam, used Vuo to create two projects that enchanted their audiences. These are two of several projects where Circus Family used Vuo. In The Rain Project, raindrops created a display of images, light, and sound in a natural forest, and in the Hema Sintersizer, children created songs with a giant music-making machine during the Dutch children's celebration, Sinterklaas. To learn more, about I interviewed Circus Family's Cas Dekker.


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Haunt is a game for OSX designed around the LEAP Motion controller. You play as a cool scary ghost and try to collect the cool ghost stars so you can accumulate scary cool points.

I made it while getting to know Vuo. The source code is here and on github, but don't look to it as an example of good Vuo practice; there's a lot of room for optimization. ;)

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 


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