Audio Synthesizer

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A "modular synth" style setup exploring some of Vuo's audio/soundmaking tools.


  • Two sets of "oscillators" (detuned)
  • FM operator
  • Modulation (envelopes and LFO's)
  • Sequencer (repeating random)
  • Key/scale note quantizer
  • Wavefolder
  • Vuo's ring modulator
  • "Pan law" crossfader
  • A "placeholder" for visuals

To do: stereo

Composition and supporting files: 

Fill 2D Shapes From Points

From topic Is there a way to simply fill a polygon with an unlit colour or image? these are some simple compositions attempting to fill flat 3D shapes created from a list of points using Smokris Reinterpret Object node

Any improvement and other shapes welcome.

Composition and supporting files: 

Exported App: 


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