Many of you have been asking us: “Is it soup yet?” When soup is cooking, the aroma fills the room and maybe you can even get a taste from the pot. But when it’s ready, you can sit down and enjoy the meal with your friends and family. So, to all the Vuo community, we are proud to announce: “It’s soup. Dig in!”



  • With Vuo 2.0 we are releasing a Community Edition, free for personal use and small organizations, with fully open source.
  • New output formats, including FxPlug (Vuo Pro), and macOS FFGL (FreeFrame 1.6+) plugins (Vuo Pro).
  • Many new and improved nodes.
  • A new simplified visual design.
  • Additional community-requested editor features, including comments.

From the beginning, one of our goals has been to make Vuo easy and intuitive to use. Toward this end, with community help, we've added additional in-app functionality, changed some things to make the Vuo workflow clearer, completely updated our manual, added more example compositions (Vuo now comes with 297 of them!) and embarked on work-in-progress français, español and Deutsch translations for the Vuo editor interface. (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for translation help.) We welcome you to try out these aids as you explore Vuo 2.0.

Here’s a video showing some of the awesome things people have made with Vuo over the last few years


A free Community Edition (CE), and an enhanced Pro edition

We believe in Vuo’s potential to transform the way people create interactive media — which is why, for every dollar the Vuo Community has contributed to Vuo’s development, our company (Kosada) has contributed 7 dollars.

As we move forward with Vuo 2.0 and beyond, we want to ensure Vuo has a sustainable source of funding and, at the same time, to make Vuo accessible to a broader range of people. That’s why we’re making Vuo CE free for personal use and small organizations and raising the price of Vuo Pro to $299. Vuo CE is for people who aren’t (yet) making a lot of money from creating media. If you’re a student, maker, or part-time freelancer, this may be the right tool for you.


New features in Vuo 2.0

We’ve packed a lot of new and improved stuff into this release. Thank you to everyone who submitted bug reports on our beta versions. We’ve credited you in the release notes!

  • Added support for exporting more formats:
    • FxPlug for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion (Vuo Pro)
    • macOS FFGL (FreeFrame 1.6+) plugins (Vuo Pro)
    • macOS Screen Savers (Vuo Pro)
    • HEVC/h.265 video
  • Many new and improved Vuo editor features, such as:

    • Comments
    • Loading basic ISF shader files, and editing GLSL and ISF shader code
    • Easier-to-use subcompositions — load from local folders, live-edit, more-intuitive event handling, package nodes as a subcomposition while preserving cable connections
    • Thumbnail images in Image port popovers
    • Easier-to-use generic types
    • Work-in-progress français, español, and Deutsch translations for the Vuo editor interface
    • Pinch-zoom and smooth scrolling
  • Many new nodes, such as:

    • Find Faces in Image (Vuo Pro)
    • Make Image from Web Page (macOS 10.13 and up)
    • Speak
    • Make Triangles Object
    • Receive Touches for multitouch trackpads
    • Execute Shell Command
    • Themeable UI nodes
  • Many improved nodes, such as:

    • Make Text Layer — scaling, stretching, wrapping
    • Support for playing RTSP video
    • Improved rendering of semitransparent 3D objects
    • Improved performance when decoding Hap video
    • Simplified window nodes and time event flow

Read the complete release notes for all the changes, many suggested by the community and for the changes between Vuo 2.0 beta 4 and the final release. We’ve made a few changes in how Vuo compositions work between 1.x and 2.0, but compositions containing only built-in nodes should behave the same. You can read details on the changes.

The Vuo 2.0 journey

We began working on Vuo 2.0 in 2016 (!!), and even for us, it’s hard to believe how much work went into Vuo 2.0. Team Vuo has logged over 8,800 hours toward this release. More importantly, for this release we’ve made over 100 separate changes (added features or fixed problems) in response to community feedback. We are humbled by our dedicated and loyal supporters. This release has come to fruition because of you. People have already been making great things using the Vuo 2.0 beta releases. As we move forward, our focus is not going to change – creating a product that serves your needs.

Dig in!

Jean Marie, Jaymie, Melissa, Steve, Bradley, and Matthew (Team Vuo)