As we continue planning Vuo 1.3, we wanted to share some amazing things people are doing with Vuo 1.2 and earlier versions.

Community spotlight: Teo Dumski, actor, director, performer

What can Vuo bring to a theater setting? Our latest community spotlight is on @dumski, who used Vuo to capture his viewpoint-bending live theater performance. Read more about it here.

A photo of Teo Dumski's live theater performance

Teo will again be using Vuo in an upcoming performance on February 4 in Wrocław, Poland. The performance features an artist with a Wacom tablet interacting with the actors — “something like live drawing-scenography”, says Teo. To learn more, see the Cloud Theater Facebook page.

Vuo controls robots!

A video of jens probst's experimentation with robot control

How can Vuo interface with things? This video shows jens probst’s experiment with controlling 2 KUKA industrial robots.

He writes, “This is an simple setup with just pulses for the communication between Vuo and the robots, so i use an Arduino´s digital in/outputs for this and OSC for the communication with the iPads and to handle the data from the scanned QR Codes.”


Composition gallery: Vuo stand-alone apps

Our composition gallery continues to grow. Many compositions have been exported as Mac apps, so you can experience them and share them with your friends, even if you don’t have Vuo. Here are some of our recent favorites:

Images of 5 recent Vuo compositions

You can see the full list of exported apps here.

We’re always excited to see what you make with Vuo. Please share it or let us know about it!

Jean Marie
Team Vuo