Hey, my Vuo peeps. Since the Vuo 1.2.6 release in June, we’ve published three new and remarkable community spotlights. Also we have a tip to share about Vuo’s keyboard shortcuts.

Community spotlight: Circus Family celebrates rainwater and Sinterklaas


Circus Family have turned to Vuo many times in their audiovisual design work, including The Rain Project and Hema Sintersizer. The Rain Project, a collaboration with advertising agency J. Walter Thompson, was a short film about “the never-ending source of Spa mineral water”. In a forest, they built an installation in which rain sensors trigger sound, light, and projections. Hema Sintersizer was a humongous music-making machine made of toys for the Sinterklaas holiday. The agency XXS commissioned Circus Family to create the Sintersizer for Hema’s flagship department store in Amsterdam.

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Community spotlight: Lori Hepner and Kendra Ross light-painting women’s experiences


The visual art of Lori Hepner and the music of Kendra Ross combined in Intersection*ology, a performance that “explores, adapts, morphs, rejoices and revolts in the many ways women are perceived”. A key part of the performance was lightpainting, a process that Lori adapted from her work in long-exposure photography to a real-time performance setting. Kendra and Lori wore LED strips, a camera captured their movements, and Vuo turned the live video into trails of color. They’ve given two performances in Pittsburgh, USA, and plan to do more.

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Community spotlight: Dancers with disabilities paint with body movements at IMPACT  Theatre


IMPACT  Theatre have used Vuo in their mission “to promote a positive image of disability and to develop communication and self-confidence, though participation in performing and creative arts”. They recently used Vuo in a performance called Hyper in which dancers made virtual paintings with their body movements using skeletal tracking. IMPACT  Theatre will be using Vuo again in a puppet show on August 5 in Perivale, UK.

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Could you be in a community spotlight?

We love hearing what people are doing with Vuo! If you’ve made something cool, please share it in the composition gallery, drop us a line, or tweet @vuoflow.

We also love sharing what people have done with Vuo! Whether your work is a professional exhibition or just something you did for fun, it might make a great community spotlight. And hey, maybe it’ll spark someone else’s idea for their next Vuo project.

Tip: Keyboard shortcuts

Did you know that you can…

  • duplicate a cable by holding down the option key while dragging from an input port?
  • make a cable event-only by holding down the shift key while dragging the cable?
  • make the canvas slightly transparent with ⌘2 and very transparent with ⌘3?
  • move the canvas viewport by holding down the spacebar and dragging?

The Vuo Manual gives a complete list of keyboard shortcuts .

Team Vuo