Vuo 2.4.2 is a free update that includes several improvements. Highlights include:

  • Fixed several crashes
  • Clarified some error messages and documentation

Read on for the details.

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Documented limitation of Make Image from Web Page node for playing videos and animations (Thanks to @jfg for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where Save Images/Frames to Movie didn’t work for URLs that begin with file:// (Thanks to @crappyFX for reporting this!)
  • Fixed a sporadic crash when reconfiguring displays on Apple Silicon (M1/ARM64) systems
  • In the Make Text Field and Make Number Field nodes, renamed the Width port to Field Width, to clarify that it represents the text entry part of the widget, rather than the entire width including padding and border

Exporting Apps/Plugins/Movies

  • Clarified the error message when attempting to export a movie but the composition produces an empty image (Thanks to @ecoAV for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where FFGL plugins exported from Vuo 2.4.0 or 2.4.1 would cause Resolume to crash at launch on some systems

Vuo Editor

  • Added a “None” option to the Protocol menus, to make it clearer how to remove the protocol
  • Prevented a situation in which an attempted cable connection to a VuoMathExpressionList port was allowed but caused a crash (Thanks to @cremaschi for reporting this!)
  • Fixed bug where the typeconverter menu sometimes displayed duplicate options
  • Fixed crash when opening a composition containing a generic node specialized to a type that doesn’t exist
  • Fixed intermittent crash when opening a composition window that will display multiple subcompositions in the node library

Documentation and Examples

  • In the vuo.hid node set documentation, mentioned that 3DxWare prevents Vuo from receiving data from 3Dconnexion devices (Thanks to @pbourke for reporting this!)
  • In the HTML manual, fixed a missing image and bold text formatting
  • Updated API documentation on developing a stateful node class
  • Clarified documentation regarding renaming and deleting published ports

Vuo Compiler and Runtime

  • Fixed intermittent crash when quitting the editor while a subcomposition window is open (Thanks to @cremaschi for reporting this!)
  • In the instructions for creating an app that uses the Vuo SDK, added instructions for disabling the sandbox (Thanks to @dust for reporting this!)
  • Updated documentation to reflect the macOS 13 “Ventura” change from “System Preferences” to “System Settings”


  • Fixed leaks in the VuoRunner example code
  • Simplified the Count node implementation by removing a layer of pointers (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for asking about this!)