To be eligible for the Community Spotlight, please submit a composition to the Composition Gallery, go to the tab: "help others find your composition," and check the box: "I'd like Team Vuo to consider using this composition to help promote Vuo."

Team Vuo chooses which compositions are placed in the Community Spotlight on the front page and listed on the Community Spotlight page.

We will strive to spotlight compositions that benefit the Vuo community. The criteria for choosing a composition will vary greatly; here are some of our guiding tenets:

  • Organization counts — a well-organized, thoroughly-explained composition is easier for others to access.
  • Originality is a plus — compositions that demonstrate something unique are of keen interest.
  • Complementary materials help — descriptions, screenshots, videos, and links provide more information to work with and learn from.
  • Education is important — compositions that strongly reveal how to utilize specific functionality (for example, Vuo's material lighting capabilities) are valuable.
  • Public exhibition is a plus — we’re interested compositions from all contexts, and ones used in live performances and installations are a plus!
  • Diversity is important — Team Vuo will strive to spotlight compositions from a diverse range of people and perspectives.