A microcosm of Mandurah on Paul Bourke’s Hydrodome

In the city of Mandurah on the west coast of Australia, with its beaches, estuaries, wetlands, and canals, you’re never far from the sights and sounds of water. Paul Bourke recently used Vuo to convey the familiar sights and sounds in an entirely new way: a fulldome installation called the Hydrodome that “focuses on our community’s connection to our waterways from Mandurah’s ancient Bindjareb heritage to 21st century recreation.”

Justin Beardsell lights up a legendary London nightclub

Justin Beardsell (@meno) is collaborating with Dolby to bring a new clubbing experience to Ministry of Sound in London — and he's using Vuo behind the scenes.

Ministry of Sound has introduced a Dolby Atmos sound system that creates 3D soundscapes. Unlike with typical stereo tracks, listeners hear the music moving through space, coming from different sides and overhead.


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