Thanks to our contributors!

There are many ways you can contribute to Vuo:

  • Make unique compositions and share them for free or for profit
  • Develop unique node sets and share them for free or for profit
  • Test Vuo and file verifiable bug reports
  • File constructive feature requests
  • Provide constructive feedback on other people's bug reports and feature requests, such as:
  • Teach people how to use Vuo, such as:
    • Answering questions users post to our Q&A forums
    • Writing or recording a tutorial
    • Teaching a class
    • Forming a local users group
  • Helping translate Vuo to your native language
  • ...or if you have more money than time, donate.

(*) Keep in mind that to contribute to the latest code base, you'll need to purchase the latest version of Vuo.