Vuo 1.2.5 adds two main new features requested by the community: support for Hap movie playback and a node for drawing spline curves. It fixes slow performance on macOS 10.12 and a performance bug in Vuo 1.2.4. And it provides other enhancements and bug fixes, including 7 requested by the Vuo community.

Vuo 1.2.5 is a free update for people who’ve purchased Vuo 1.2.


  • Added example compositions:
    • Make Points along Spline
  • Updated example compositions to use the Scale node’s new “Limit to Range” port instead of Scale plus a Limit to Range node.

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Added nodes:
  • Added Hap codec support to Play Movie, Decode Movie Image, and Get Movie Info. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for requesting this feature!)
  • Added a “Limit to Range” port to the Scale node.
  • Split the Save to Movie node into Save Images to Movie and Save Frames to Movie.
  • Modified the Allow Changes, Changed, Decreased, Increased, and Became False nodes to allow the first event through.
  • Added more info about the detected screens to the List Screens node and the Screen input editor, including special support for Duet Display. (Thanks to @cwilms-loyalist for asking about this!)
  • Renamed Make Points along Curve to Make Points along Line.
  • Renamed Spread List Items / Spread List Item Groups to Copy List Item / Copy List Item Groups.
  • Renamed Get Frame Values / Get Video Frame Values / Get Audio Frame Values to Get Frame Values (Leap) / Get Frame Values (Video) / Get Frame Values (Audio).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented compositions from running on systems with the Jack audio plugin installed. (Thanks to @MartinusMagneson for reporting this bug and helping us diagnose it!)
  • Fixed the inability to use decimals in the Receive BCF2000 * node inputs when the system is set to a locale that uses a decimal separator other than a period. (Thanks to @e.duchemin for reporting this bug!)
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a Render * to Window node during live coding would leave the menubar in an incorrect state.
  • Fixed jumpiness when using Receive Mouse Drags on Layer with a layer whose anchor is something other than center.

Vuo Editor

  • Added a menu item and keyboard shortcut to restart a running composition. (Thanks to @alexmitchellmus for requesting this feature!)
  • Added a menu item to attach/detach the Node Library to/from the composition window.
  • Replaced the vuo.* node set names with more human-readable names in File > Open Example and in node descriptions.
  • Eliminated duplicate listings from the “nodes that aren’t installed” error dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that broke relative file URLs referring to parent directories in exported apps.


  • Added info to the OSC Make Message and Get Message Values node descriptions about receiving message data of types other than real numbers. (Thanks to @manuel_mitasch for reporting this omission!)
  • Improved the documentation for other nodes.
  • Updated the manual now that Pro nodes can be used in 3rd-party hosts (as of Vuo 1.1).

Vuo Compiler


  • Added the ability to run multiple compositions, including multiple instances of the same composition, in the current process simultaneously. (Thanks to Ray Cutler for requesting this!)
  • Avoided changing the process’s working directory when running a composition in the current process.