Released on 2019.10.22

Vuo 2.0.0-beta2 fixes several community-reported issues in the previous beta, adds some new Editor features, and adds a new node.

Read on for all the details.

Changes between Vuo 2.0.0-beta1 and beta2


  • Added Find Table Row node (Thanks to Chris for requesting this!)
  • Fixed issue where some Get * Input/Output Values nodes would output incorrect information when the input is a constant value rather than a cable (Thanks to Chris for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where Change Fullscreen Status would, if the secondary screen is selected, incorrectly go fullscreen on the primary screen if the secondary screen isn't attached


  • Added work-in-progress French translation (Thanks to Bodysoulspirit for your work on this!)
  • Added "Move to Trash" and "Show in Finder" to the context menus for custom nodes and subcompositions (Thanks to Bodysoulspirit for requesting this!)
  • Fixed issue where the compiler would sometimes mix up nodes downstream of triggers in subcompositions in exported apps, leading to crashes (Thanks to wmackwood for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where detaching a popover, closing the composition, then using macOS's 'Hide' action would cause Vuo Editor to crash (Thanks to prackvj for reporting this!)
  • Fixed crash when launching Vuo Editor with many subcompositions installed in the User Library (Thanks to ops for reporting this!)
  • Added ability to search the node library for nodes that adhere to a protocol (image filter, image generator, image transition)
  • Added ability to search the node library and canvas for subcompositions (subcomposition or source:.vuo), shaders (source:.fs), and C-language nodes (source:.c)
  • Added ability to use "Change Node" on the Calculate and Calculate List nodes
  • Added ability to open shaders by selecting them on the canvas and pressing ⌘↓
  • Added more search keywords for Select nodes
  • In exported macOS apps that use nodes available on certain macOS versions (e.g., Make Image from Web Page), added a property so that macOS shows an error dialog when launching the app on an incompatible macOS version (rather than letting the app crash)
  • Fixed occasional crash when cancelling a cable connection
  • Fixed crash when refactoring into a subcomposition without any published ports and then closing the subcomposition window
  • Fixed ability to connect 2 different unspecialized generic ports together
  • Fixed subcompositions and shaders being incorrectly added to the "File > Open Recent" menu when opened from the canvas
  • Fixed port rendering glitch when dragging a cable that can't be connected to a list drawer's ports, but can be connected directly to the node
  • Fixed issue where changing a data+event cable to an event-only cable while connecting it to a new input port could leave a stranded collapsed typecast attached to the original input port. [#10854]
  • Fixed issue where nodes with a Window input might behave incorrectly after a live-editing reload
  • Fixed issue where, if multiple audio devices with the same model number are connected, the audio input/output device input editor would always match the first device with a given model number, rather than the actual selected device
  • Fixed occasional crash when editing an input port value shortly after a live-editing reload


  • In the QuickStart composition, adjusted a comment's arrow so it more accurately points to the referenced port
  • Fixed some typos, broken links, and broken formatting in the manual


  • Added VuoListForeach method, to make list iteration easier.
  • Added vuo-run option --stop-after=2s to run and automatically stop a composition after a certain amount of time
  • When compiling nodes and types, added compiler flag so that implicit declarations are errors (not merely warnings)
  • Fixed issue where, after installing the SDK package as root, non-root users couldn't access the SDK's Builtin modules folder
  • Improved some compiler error messages
  • Significant changes to VuoSceneObject and VuoMesh are coming soon in Vuo 2.0.0-beta3, so you may want to hold off updating your custom nodes if they use those types

See for all the other changes in Vuo 2.0.0.


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