Vuo 2.0.0-beta3 fixes several community-reported issues in the previous beta, adds some new Editor features, and adds a few new nodes.

Read on for all the details.

Changes between Vuo 2.0.0-beta2 and beta3

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Added Convert Equirectangular to Fisheye [Pro] node (Thanks to @pbourke for contributing this!)
  • Fixed issue where the audio nodes would unexpectedly use the first audio device when they were supposed to use the default audio device (Thanks to @Joëlle for reporting this!)
  • Added Make Triangles Object node
  • Replaced the Make * Mesh nodes with easier-to-use Make * Object nodes
  • In the Improve Downscaling Quality node, enabled anisotropic filtering, which results in sharper textures while still reducing aliasing
  • Improved performance of the Move Beads On String example composition
  • Fixed broken Display Pet Adoptions Table example composition (the data disappeared from the original source)

Exporting Apps and Plugins

  • Fixed issue where compositions exported as FxPlug rendered slightly blurry (Thanks to @kingluma for reporting this!)
  • Added support for published enum (menu) input ports in exported FxPlugs

Vuo Editor {#editor}

  • Added ability to close the node library by pressing ⎋ (Thanks to @Pianomatic for requesting this and to @Bodysoulspirit for reporting a related issue!)

  • Fixed issue where the interface would appear in French, Spanish, or German even if the system’s primary language was English (Thanks to @crappyFX for reporting this!)

  • Possibly fixed issue where type converters might sometimes appear twice in the menu presented when connecting a cable (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for reporting this!)

  • Added a preference to disable interface translations (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for requesting this!)

    defaults write org.vuo.Editor translation.enable -boolean false

  • Added more French translations (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for your work on this!)

  • Added more Spanish and German translations

  • Added ability to search the node library and canvas for custom precompiled nodes (source:.vuonode)

  • Improved usability of lists of colors — when you expand a drawer, the colors now default to fully opaque (rather than fully transparent)

  • Fixed issue where live-editing might sometimes result in an unexpectedly-empty Window port value

  • Fixed issue where some enum (menu) input ports showed integer input editors when published


  • Expanded FxPlug documentation in manual
  • On node set pages, alphabetized nodes by title (rather than class name)


  • Fixed crash when initializing a VuoCompiler instance on the heap (Thanks to @mrray for reporting this!)
  • Reorganized 3D object and layer types:
    • Converted the VuoSceneObject, VuoMesh, VuoLayer, and VuoRenderedLayers types to opaque heap types, and added more getter/setter methods
    • The VuoMesh type is no longer exposed via the editor UI — when you create custom nodes, use VuoSceneObject ports instead
    • Removed the VuoSubmesh type — each VuoMesh is now just a single mesh
    • Converted parts of the VuoSceneObject struct into a union, which reduces memory size by about 15%
    • Changed VuoSceneObject so that only objects of type Group can have child objects
    • Replaced the overworked VuoSceneObject_make method with the simpler VuoSceneObject_makeMesh and VuoSceneObject_makeGroup methods
  • Changed the format of the port details menuItems key to be an array-of-strings-or-objects, since JSON objects aren’t guaranteed to preserve order
  • Added vuo-run option --repeat=42 to rebuild and rerun each of the selected compositions a certain number of times
  • Improved reference-counting diagnostics
  • Fixed issue where VuoListCreateWithCount_*() didn’t retain the element passed to it