Vuo 2.0.0-beta4 fixes 6 community-reported issues in the previous beta, improves performance, and adds a new Receive Touches node.

Read on for all the details.

Changes between Vuo 2.0.0-beta3 and beta4

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Fixed issue where Specify Audio Input/Output by Name/Model failed to select a device (Thanks to @cremaschi for reporting this!)
  • Added Receive Touches node for multitouch input from trackpads
  • In the Receive Mouse Buttons node, added “Force Pressed” and “Pressure Changed” outputs for Force Touch trackpads
  • Added support in Fetch Scene for loading per-vertex colors
  • Improved rendering performance for meshes with millions of vertices
  • Improved performance when playing back videos using FFmpeg
  • Updated to FFmpeg 4.2.1

Exporting Apps and Plugins

  • When generating Motion templates for FxPlugs, parameter ID numbers are now based on the port name, rather than the port index, so FCPX projects should retain their values even when adding/removing/reordering published ports (Thanks to @kingluma for reporting this!)

Vuo Editor

  • Fixed issue where type converters were not offered when connecting a list to a single-value port (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit and @kingluma for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where the Secondary Click with Two Fingers gesture wouldn’t always work (Thanks to @timwessman for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where protocol sidebars were truncated when the system language is Spanish (Thanks to @jandraka for reporting this!)
  • Fixed crash when connecting a cable to the left side of a type converter and changing the data type of that type converter (Thanks to @cremaschi for reporting this!)
  • Fixed some incorrect behavior and crashes when installing/uninstalling custom node sets that use generic types (Thanks to @dumski for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where the Help menu wasn’t showing the search widget when the system language was Spanish, German, or French
  • Moved direct replacements for a deprecated node to the top of that node’s “Change To” list
  • Moved protocol example compositions higher in the Open Example menu, to make them easier to reach on small screens
  • Fixed occasional crash when dragging a cable in a composition with many generic ports
  • Fixed issue where, after scrolling, the canvas would sometimes become unresponsive until the next scroll
  • Fixed issue where hidden cables were not visible while duplicating them with ⌥-drag
  • Fixed issue where the GLSL editor window’s “Show/Hide Published Ports” menu item could get out-of-sync with the actual sidebar
  • Fixed issue where the GLSL editor window didn’t show a progress indicator while compiling
  • Improved undo/redo performance in compositions with many hidden cables
  • Improved performance when reloading added/removed/modified files in the Modules folder
  • Translated more UI text into Spanish, German, and French


  • Added a diagram showing the difference between System, User, and Composition-Local libraries
  • Added a summary of each node set on


  • Added support for VuoMesh per-vertex colors
  • Reduced the memory requirements of VuoMesh vertex attributes:
    • Changed Positions and Normals from VuoPoint4d to 3 x float
    • Changed Texture Coordinates from VuoPoint4d to 2 x float
    • Removed Tangents and Bitangents, which are now calculated on-the-fly when needed
  • Changed VuoSceneObject_copy to increment the VuoMesh reference count, instead of making a copy
  • In the vuo-run CLI, added an optional --lldb argument to run the composition in LLDB