If you've used Vuo in a performance, exhibit, or other creation, tell us about it! We might feature your project on this page.

Animator Performer, Arlen Aguayo Stewart,  interacts with the Rallentando installation

A virtual forest installation from Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood


Rallentando is an interactive installation that uses Vuo to invoke a multi-sensory virtual forest. Using a combination of images, sounds, and interactive performance, "the audience experiences a gradual slackening of tempo, leaving behind the distractions of contemporary urban life."

Rallentando was created by Gwenyth Dobie, with William Mackwood (wmackwood) leading the technical integration. Gwenyth and William, co-artistic directors of Out of the Box Productions, recently installed Rallentando at Hub14 in Toronto.

Video still of the actors and stage in "The Floor"

Gravity-defying theater by Teo Dumski


The play "The Floor: Shopping Rolls Camouflaged" is a foray into a surreal world of gravity-defying motion. By turns funny, poignant, and exuberant, the performance blends the human with the technological. Vuo plays a major role in this performance written and directed by Teo Dumski.

A photo of the exhibit's 12 screens, showing different views of a car

An exhibition for BMW by jens probst


You're an exhibitor at one of the world's biggest auto trade shows. There are almost a million visitors, and a thousand other exhibitors competing for their attention. How do you project the suave aesthetic of a luxury car brand in a way that catches visitors' eyes? jens probst (a.k.a. zwei-p) and Yellow Design took on the challenge by creating an elegant multi-screen display with Vuo.

Photo of Anthony's VJ setup for Sónar

VJing at Sónar: An interview with Anthony Gene Guterac


Imagine scratching the air like a turntable to make a particle system groove. Anthony Gene Guterac made it happen with his Vuo composition, 02_, controlled by Leap Motion and live audio input.

vjsatoshi's particle experiment

An interview with VJ Satoshi: rendering 50,000 particles with Vuo


Meet Satoshi. He's been VJing for 3 years, and one year ago he created the VJ group M.U.//Mikudarihan Uppercut. When performing live, Satoshi likes to begin with a minimal set of materials, then transform them over the course of the show in a way that tells a story. This style of performing has led Satoshi to seek out a creative platform that is, in his own words, "fast and light."

Swimming sphere and torus by George Toledo


George Toledo created this animated composition with built-in Vuo nodes.

Vuo and NiMate composition

Skeletal tracking with NiMate by Michele Cremaschi


Michele Cremaschi (mic) uses NiMate with Vuo to animate his skeleton.

Check it out on Vimeo.