Released on 2020.10.16

Vuo 2.2.0 adds several new features, and improves performance and stability. Highlights include:

  • Added support for macOS 11 (and ended support for OS X Yosemite 10.10), and updated visual design
  • Preliminary compatibility with Apple Silicon / ARM64 / M1 Macs (via Rosetta)
  • Reduced editor startup time
  • New UI widget nodes: Make Text Field, Make Number Field, Display "Open" Window, Display "Save" Window
  • New image nodes: Streak Image, Streak Image Radially, Add Analog Image Distortion, Interpret Data as Image
  • New Receive Kinect v2 Images node
  • New Keep System Awake node
  • 7 new example compositions

Read on for all the details.

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • UI
    • Added Make Text Field and Make Number Field nodes (Thanks to many people for requesting this!)
    • Added Make Text Field Theme (Rounded) node for altering the appearance of text and number fields
    • Added Display "Open" Window and Display "Save" Window nodes (Thanks to Bodysoulspirit for requesting this!)
    • Replaced Make Action Button Theme (Rounded) with a new version where "Text Padding" means the padding on each side (rather than the sum of the padding on both sides)
    • Removed unneeded event wall from Make Slider's "Window" port
  • Image
    • Added Streak Image, Streak Image Radially, Add Analog Image Distortion, and Interpret Data as Image nodes (Thanks to Joëlle for requesting this!)
    • On the Outline Image node, added a "Threshold" port (Thanks to Magneson for requesting this!)
    • Fixed link to alexmitchellmus in the Convert Cubemap to Equirectangular documentation (Thanks to MatthewDougherty for pointing out this typo!)
    • Replaced Twirl Image with a new version where a positive angle results in counterclockwise rotation, for consistency with other angle/rotation nodes
    • Fixed issue where Make Text Image (and Make Text Layer) would ignore trailing linebreaks
  • Kinect
  • App
    • Added Keep System Awake node (Thanks to Philip for requesting this!)
    • Updated Launch App to support the new shadow-location for built-in apps in macOS 10.15+
  • Font
    • Fixed issue where the font input editor would crash after being opened a few times (Thanks to Chris and Bodysoulspirit for reporting this! 1 2)
  • OSC
    • Fixed crash when simultaneously making multiple wildcard comparisons, such as when using multiple OSC Filter by Address nodes (Thanks to keithlang for reporting this!)
  • File
    • In the List Files node's "File Type" port, added options: App, JSON, Table, XML
    • In the USB HID device input editor, added support for selecting devices by class (Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Game Pad)

Vuo Editor

  • Added support for macOS 11 (and ended support for OS X Yosemite 10.10; OS X El Capitan 10.11 is now the minimum supported version) (Thanks to Alejo for reporting this!)
  • Preliminary compatibility with Apple Silicon / ARM64 / M1 Macs (via Rosetta)
  • Updated visual design for macOS 11
  • Updated français translation (Thanks to Kewl for your work on this!)
  • Reduced startup time
  • Fixed issue where some of the text in the Movie Export and Composition Information dialogs overflowed when the system language was español, français, or Deutsch
  • Modified progress dialogs to use a font with fixed-width numerals, so the text doesn't wobble as the numbers change
  • Fixed issue where some menu items were incorrectly disabled after activating Vuo Pro via the Help menu
  • Fixed crash when showing an image port popover for a very small image
  • Fixed crash when clicking the composition window's red X while an input editor or context menu is open
  • Fixed freeze when packaging nodes into a subcomposition from an old (pre-Vuo-1.0) composition
  • Updated to Qt 5.11.3 (the latest Qt version that supports OS X El Capitan 10.11)

Documentation and Examples

  • Updated screenshots for macOS 11
  • Added 7 example compositions:
    • Open Image
    • Save Image
    • Enter URL and Show Image
    • Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
    • Crossfade and Zoom
    • Crossfade with Blob Mask
    • Crossfade with Moving Tiles
  • Updated some example compositions to use a newer movie
  • Updated SDK installation instructions, now that it's freely available
  • Replaced broken link in the vuo.ui node set documentation with new service
  • Updated broken SpaceNavigator link

Vuo Compiler and Runtime

  • Reduced size of generated code, improving compiling/linking performance


  • Updated compatibleOperatingSystems > macosx values for currently-supported macOS versions (10.11 through 11)
  • In the vuo-run CLI, added --verbose option
  • Fixed issue where compiling C code with the vuo-compile CLI might show the wrong filename (the main source file rather than an included file) in error messages