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This release focuses on improving the Vuo Manual and SDK documentation. We added example projects so text programmers can easily create Vuo nodes and port types. We also improved port popovers, added a new example composition, and expanded the Blend Image and Render Scene to Window nodes.

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This release focuses on the developer tools provided with Vuo. It finalizes the API for running compositions, creating node classes and types, and displaying input editors. It provides an SDK with command-line tools for compiling, linking, rendering, and debugging Vuo compositions. It also adds a Blend Image node class and some new example compositions.

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This release focuses on making it easier to create compositions in the Vuo Editor. New features include: a drawer user interface for working with list input ports; an activity indicator to show when the composition is preparing to run, update, or stop; and input editors for boolean (true/false) and color input ports. The Vuo Editor no longer hangs when the user quits the composition or the composition crashes. In addition to the Vuo Editor improvements, this release adds a full-screen mode for composition graphics windows.

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This release focuses on expanding the scenegraph node set. It adds support for importing 3D objects (including many file formats), and building and rendering hierarchical 3D objects (scenegraphs).

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This release focuses on adding support for sending and receiving MIDI note and controller messages. We also added a "Make Wave" node, fixed several memory leaks, and fixed several bugs in node implementations and the compiler.

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