Version Files Release notes

This release focuses on adding support for generic types, receiving OSC messages, and rendering text.

If you open a composition created in a previous release, it may show up as unsaved (with a black dot in the middle of the red close button). This is because some of the node class names have changed. To help you smoothly transition from previous releases, the Vuo Editor automatically renames these node classes. When you save the composition, the Vuo Editor saves it with the node classes renamed.

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In this release we’ve added dozens of nodes to expand what you can do with Vuo. They include supporting Kinect depth + RGB input (sooner than we planned!), a new layer node set (great for compositing 2D images), advanced movie features (get frame at time, variable playback rates, mirror looping), scenegraph improvements (drawing points and lines, improved performance), and several nodes that make interaction easier (Toggle, Became True, Is Within Range, Measure Time) and more. There are also significant improvements to the editor, including the ability to manually fire a trigger port, and the ability to select which type converter to insert when connecting a cable.

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This release adds three main features — the ability to export a composition as a Mac application, nodes for playing videos, and nodes for working with cameras in 3D scenes — and many other improvements.

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This release adds support for sending and receiving images via Syphon, improves the documentation presented when browsing the node library, and improves rendering performance. It also fixes numerous issues reported by the Vuo community.

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This is a quick release to fix several issues with graphics rendering.

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