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Vuo 1.2.2 is a big update that fixes 34 community-reported issues, adds several new features, and improves performance and stability. It's free for people who purchased Vuo 1.2.0 or Vuo 1.2.1. Highlights include:

  • Improved stability when livecoding with subcompositions
  • Improved performance of many nodes, including Resize Image, Decode Movie Image, Fetch Image, Pixellate Image, Split Text, Split Text Stream
  • Added support for loading and saving more image formats, including WebP
  • Added several new nodes: Measure Length, and 5 new 3D/4D Point → Real type converters
  • Fixed many issues with image alpha blending
  • Fixed inability to broadcast OSC messages on some system configurations
  • Fixed reliability issues when livecoding with Build List and Process List
  • Added workarounds for many Mac OS X and GPU driver issues

Read on for all the details.

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Over the last month, we've been planning the upcoming Vuo 1.3 release, and we made a few improvements to Vuo 1.2:

  • In the Fetch RSS Items node, added support for parsing more data: (Thanks to Eurotrash for requesting this.)
    • tags/categories
    • images inside the HTML <description> tag
    • CDATA titles/descriptions
  • In the Make Audio Wave node, added Set Phase port (and "Synchronize Oscillators" example composition) (Thanks to alexmitchellmus for requesting this.)
  • Fixed a crash when updating Make Text Layer faster than the display refresh rate (Thanks to Magneson for reporting this.)
  • Renamed the Calculate Elapsed Time node to Subtract Times (Thanks to lov for suggesting this.)
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Vuo 1.2's biggest new feature is subcompositions: the ability to turn a composition into a reusable node in your Node Library.

This release also makes all-around performance improvements, with large compositions taking less time to start up after you've hit the Run button and with complex graphics compositions running more smoothly. And this release adds numerous new nodes, including nodes for beat detection, OSC sending, USB HID, and dates/times.

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Vuo 1.1.1 fixes several bugs…

  • Fixed List Serial Devices's inability to detect USB serial devices (such as Arduino Uno) that identify themselves as USB modems. (Thanks to robaiello, Magneson, and mnstri for reporting this bug!)
  • Fixed Get Leap Pointable and Make Targeted Spotlight outputting incorrect ("NaN") rotations for certain inputs.
  • Fixed Get Pointable Values outputting incorrect rotations (90° off) in the Transform output port.

…and adds a feature:

  • New Configure Serial Device node, which allows setting the baud rate and other properties of a serial device. (Thanks to mnstri for requesting this feature!)
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Vuo 1.1 introduces some major new features:

  • Added 4 ways to create movies:
    • High-quality offline rendering from Vuo Editor (File > Export > Movie…)
    • High-quality offline rendering from the command-line: vuo-export movie
    • Realtime recording of a running composition (File > Start Recording)
    • Realtime recording controlled by a composition: Save to Movie node
  • Added vuo.serial (serial device I/O) node set
  • Added Displace 3D Object with Image (Rutt-Etra) node
  • Added Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies (FFT) node
  • Added Sample Color from Image node
  • Added Capture Image of Screen node
  • Added Combine 3D Stereo Images node (Pro)
  • Added Save Image node
  • Added the ability to manually fire an event through any input port
  • Added the View > Canvas Transparency menu item with options to make the canvas slightly transparent or very transparent
  • Added the option to align nodes to a grid (View > Snap to Grid)
  • Added the ability to enter/view multiple lines of text within a text input editor.

We also fixed a ton of bugs and improved compilation speed. Read on for the details.

Vuo 1.1 requires OS X v10.7 or later. (Vuo 1.0 was the last release to support Mac OS X v10.6.)

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