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Vuo 1.0.1 fixes several bugs, such as:

  • Incorrect lighting on some 3D models imported by the Fetch Scene node after going through a 3D object filter.
  • Hidden cables' antennas on input ports weren't tinted the same as the connected output port's node.
  • The Receive Mouse Moves and Receive Mouse Deltas nodes didn't fire events while dragging.
  • The Blur Image node expanded the image's bounds slightly even when the Expand Bounds port was set to false.
  • Header text inside of newly created composition files was missing.
  • The error message wasn't clear when opening a composition that was created in Vuo 0.9 or earlier. (Thanks to architek1 for asking about this problem!)

…and adds a minor feature:

  • Expanded Shade with Vertex Normal to visualize more types of attributes.
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This release focuses on 3 areas:

  • Adding new functionality — RSS feeds, Art-Net ArtDmx, some new iteration nodes, a draggable "trackball" camera, GLSL text code, MIDI pitch bend, app exporting that automatically copies resources, the ability to hide selected cables, an optional dark color scheme, and a free trial version
  • Improving documentation and example compositions — We've added 12 new example compositions, rewritten a lot of the manual, and added a "Welcome to Vuo" dialog and some new tutorials
  • Improving performance — Vuo Editor is faster, and compositions run faster
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This release fixes an issue in Vuo 0.9.0 preventing the Vuo SDK from running in 32-bit mode on Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7 (thanks to lov for reporting this issue!).

No changes were made to Vuo Editor.

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This release introduced many new nodes and example compositions, improved usability of the Vuo Editor to make some common tasks more efficient, and added support for Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite). New features include:

  • Nodes for live video capture
  • Nodes for generating random numbers
  • More nodes for working with lists
  • The ability to create nodes by dragging media files onto a composition
  • The ability to create event-only cables connected to data-and-event ports
  • Input editors for published ports
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With this release came numerous new nodes and example compositions, as well as many bug fixes and usability improvements. New features include:

  • 3D object filter nodes to warp 3D objects
  • Stereoscopic rendering nodes for 3D imaging (premium)
  • A mesh warping node for rendering on planetariums, domes, and other surfaces (premium)
  • A barcode scanning node that finds barcodes within images
  • Window and screen nodes to control a composition's fullscreen status and other window parameters
  • Audio output for the movie player node
  • A Cocoa API to make it easier for developers to integrate Vuo into their Mac applications
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