Bread-and-butter compositions by Martinus Magneson Larsen

In previous community spotlights, we've talked about folks using Vuo to create some extraordinary artwork and impressive visuals. But Vuo can also be useful behind the scenes. This spotlight is about how Martinus Magneson Larsen (Magneson) uses Vuo in his everyday "bread-and-butter" tasks in [job field/industry].

Making music visuals with Vuo @ Kutztown University

At the Kutztown University Grim Planetarium dome, Jaymie Strecker (Vuo developer and Project Ruori artist) explained our philosophy and process for improvising realtime music visuals using Vuo.

A Celestial Spring Eve 2016 was the 5th in a series of Computer Music and Visualization one-evening seminars at Kutztown University. In addition to Jaymie's presentation, it featured performances by fellow Vuo developer Steve Mokris and by Kutztown faculty and students.

Show Spheres with Lights Image Generator

This image generator composition is a modified Vuo example composition that shows three rotating spheres with lights. You can change the shaders that control how the spheres look, the rotation speed, and camera view. This composition is used in a tutorial on how to use image generator compositions in VDMX.

Composition and supporting files: 


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