Vuo 2.0.3 fixes several minor issues and makes improvements to performance and stability.

Built-in Nodes, Types, and Input Editors

  • Fixed issue where Get Items from List and other list-related nodes failed to update their output when provided with an empty list as input (Thanks to @micpool for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issues with the Make Points/Lines/Triangles Object nodes when provided with fewer input Positions than expected. Added missing documentation for the Make Points Object node’s Positions port (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for reporting these issues!)
  • Fixed issue where the Render Image to Window and Render Scene to Window nodes failed to fire an event when the window’s title changed
  • Changed the name of the “Window State” type to “Window” for clarity
  • Improved image rendering performance by clearing the buffer only if the shader, image, or color is potentially transparent
  • Modified the Apply Liquid Mask and Warp Image with Projection Mesh image filter [Pro] nodes to preserve scale factor
  • Fixed DNSServiceResolve console warnings generated when using OSC nodes on macOS 10.13 or earlier

Exporting Apps and Plugins

  • Fixed issue where an exported app description might include links that worked only within the Vuo editor
  • Fixed issue where an exported FxPlug could occasionally contain an invalid port ID in the Motion template

Vuo Editor

  • Improved français translations (Thanks to @Kewl for your work on this!)
  • Improved response time when beginning a cable drag in a large composition
  • Fixed crash after opening an unparsable composition
  • Fixed issue where using the “Change To” feature to substitute one node for another could erroneously change a connected event-only cable to a data+event cable
  • Fixed issue where ports with attached drawers were rendered as half-circles in “Show Events” mode
  • Fixed potential crash when using the “Find” feature in a composition containing items with identical canvas coordinates
  • Improved readability of popover information for Window ports
  • Modified the “Find” bar to report “No results” instead of “0” when no matches are found

Documentation and Examples

  • Updated the introduction and links on the front page of the Vuo API Documentation
  • Improved the clarity of the “Display Control Panel” example composition

Vuo Compiler and Runtime

  • Fixed a potential crash when a running composition and its subcomposition are both open in “Show Events” mode (Thanks to @jersmi for reporting a related issue!)
  • Fixed issue where a running composition might unexpectedly stop during live editing when multiple installed modules have changed
  • Improved readability of third-party node logging


  • Fixed crash when running some compositions that contain triggers inside of hosts such as VDMX (Thanks to @Joëlle for reporting this!)
  • Fixed issue where third-party hosts weren’t able to run compositions with Pro nodes (Thanks to @timwessman and @kokot for reporting this — 1, 2)