Released on 2018.04.27

Vuo 1.2.7 fixes 16 community-reported issues, adds several new features, and improves performance and stability. It's free for people who purchased Vuo 1.2.x. Highlights include:

  • Blackmagic video input/output (Pro)
  • RTSP and HTTP(S) network video input
  • New Make Supershape 3D Object node
  • Improvements to Find Barcode in Image

Read on for all the details.

Changes since 1.2.7-alpha1

  • In the Blackmagic nodes:
    • Fixed issue where input/output would remain off if the Blackmagic device wasn't connected when the composition started, or was connected and was later disconnected (Thanks to Magneson for reporting this issue!)
    • Fixed issue where opening the device input editor and a submenu, then clicking on the composition canvas, would result in the input editor going underneath the composition canvas, making it difficult to dismiss (Thanks to Chris for reporting this issue!)
    • Updated to Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 10.9.12
  • In the Make Supershape node:
    • Incorporated example composition improvements from Bodysoulspirit
    • Added new Angle and Radius ports
    • Improved performance
  • Fixed issue where the Fetch JSON Tree node didn't correctly import JSON keys that began with numbers (Thanks to jersmi for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where Play Movie's new Playback Finished port wouldn't fire when using a cable-provided URL (Thanks to Bodysoulspirit for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where port popovers would sometimes be too narrow, causing excessive text wrapping
  • Fixed issue where the file open/save dialogs had extra titlebars on some macOS versions
  • Fixed issue where running compositions on Mac OS X 10.8 would sometimes leave their menubars behind after quitting
  • Fixed issue where saving and reopening a composition with curly braces a the node title would cause Vuo Editor to crash
  • Fixed issue where, the first time the Editor was launched, displaying the published port sidebars caused the docked node library to disappear
  • Fixed crash involving livecoding while using the Make Draggable Camera node
  • Fixed some small memory leaks
  • Enabled verbose FFmpeg logging when debug mode is enabled

Changes since 1.2.6

  • Added support for capturing video from and outputting video to Blackmagic devices (Pro)
  • Added support for playing network video via RTSP and HTTP(S) (Thanks to Paul for requesting this!)
  • Added a Finished Playback port to the Play Movie node (Thanks to Bodysoulspirit for requesting this!)
  • Added support for manually setting the video capture resolution in the Receive Live Video node, to optionally request a lower resolution from the camera which could enable a higher framerate (Thanks to mic for requesting this!)
  • Added support for parsing WordPress's image encoding in the Fetch RSS Items node (Thanks to shakinda for the discussion that led to this!)
  • Added support for manually setting which barcode type to detect in the Find Barcode in Image node, which can improve detection performance (Thanks to Chris for requesting this!)
  • Added Make Supershape 3D Object node
  • Added support for tethered video capture from iOS devices on macOS 10.13 (which was already supported on prior macOS versions)
  • Added support in the node API for adding separators and disabled items to input port menus
  • Improved error reporting for video capture
  • Improved support for network queries using Internationalized Resource Identifiers (RFC 3987)
  • Improved overall performance of the Find Barcode in Image node
  • Fixed incorrect Center and Height values output by the Find Barcode in Image node
  • Fixed issue where some large meshes were not rendered entirely (Thanks to Paul and akashaslc for reporting this issue — 1, 2)
  • Fixed issue where some PBMesh files wouldn't load correctly (Thanks to Paul for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where some compositions would render 3D object transparency incorrectly when run in some host apps (Thanks to Azy for reporting this issue.)
  • Fixed Vuo Editor crash when specializing a generic port to the Tempo Range type (Thanks to timwessman for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed composition crash when attempting to load an image larger than OpenGL's limit (Thanks to Paul for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed off-by-1 errors when the Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies averages bins in quadratic and logarithmic modes, and added support for showing the frequency ranges used (Thanks to Kewl for the discussion that led to this!)
  • Fixed sporadic composition crash when using the NVIDIA 9400M GPU (Thanks to xoanxil for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where the Tile Starfield and Bounce Stereo Sphere example compositions didn't render in fullscreen on systems with 256 MB VRAM, such as the NVIDIA 9400M GPU
  • Fixed the texture coordinates generated by the Make Grid Lines Object, Make Cone, and Make Tube nodes, and fixed incorrect lighting when rendering those objects
  • Fixed Smooth with Spring outputting NaN when the period is 0 or negative
  • Fixed issue where diacritics were sometimes separated from their letters in subcomposition node class names