Released on 2018.04.27

Vuo 1.2.7 fixes 16 community-reported issues, adds several new features, and improves performance and stability. It's free for people who purchased Vuo 1.2.x. Highlights include:

  • Blackmagic video input/output (Pro)
  • RTSP and HTTP(S) network video input
  • New Make Supershape 3D Object node
  • Improvements to Find Barcode in Image

Read on for all the details.

Changes since 1.2.7-alpha1

  • In the Blackmagic nodes:
    • Fixed issue where input/output would remain off if the Blackmagic device wasn't connected when the composition started, or was connected and was later disconnected (Thanks to Magneson (@MartinusMagneson) for reporting this issue!)
    • Fixed issue where opening the device input editor and a submenu, then clicking on the composition canvas, would result in the input editor going underneath the composition canvas, making it difficult to dismiss (Thanks to Chris (@cwilmsloyalist) for reporting this issue!)
    • Updated to Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 10.9.12
  • In the Make Supershape node:
    • Incorporated example composition improvements from @Bodysoulspirit
    • Added new Angle and Radius ports
    • Improved performance
  • Fixed issue where the Fetch JSON Tree node didn't correctly import JSON keys that began with numbers (Thanks to @jersmi for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where Play Movie's new Playback Finished port wouldn't fire when using a cable-provided URL (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where port popovers would sometimes be too narrow, causing excessive text wrapping
  • Fixed issue where the file open/save dialogs had extra titlebars on some macOS versions
  • Fixed issue where running compositions on Mac OS X 10.8 would sometimes leave their menubars behind after quitting
  • Fixed issue where saving and reopening a composition with curly braces a the node title would cause Vuo Editor to crash
  • Fixed issue where, the first time the Editor was launched, displaying the published port sidebars caused the docked node library to disappear
  • Fixed crash involving livecoding while using the Make Draggable Camera node
  • Fixed some small memory leaks
  • Enabled verbose FFmpeg logging when debug mode is enabled

Changes since 1.2.6

  • Added support for capturing video from and outputting video to Blackmagic devices (Pro)
  • Added support for playing network video via RTSP and HTTP(S) (Thanks to Paul (@pbourke) for requesting this!)
  • Added a Finished Playback port to the Play Movie node (Thanks to @Bodysoulspirit for requesting this!)
  • Added support for manually setting the video capture resolution in the Receive Live Video node, to optionally request a lower resolution from the camera which could enable a higher framerate (Thanks to mic (@cremaschi) for requesting this!)
  • Added support for parsing WordPress's image encoding in the Fetch RSS Items node (Thanks to @shakinda for the discussion that led to this!)
  • Added support for manually setting which barcode type to detect in the Find Barcode in Image node, which can improve detection performance (Thanks to Chris (@cwilmsloyalist) for requesting this!)
  • Added Make Supershape 3D Object node
  • Added support for tethered video capture from iOS devices on macOS 10.13 (which was already supported on prior macOS versions)
  • Added support in the node API for adding separators and disabled items to input port menus
  • Improved error reporting for video capture
  • Improved support for network queries using Internationalized Resource Identifiers (RFC 3987)
  • Improved overall performance of the Find Barcode in Image node
  • Fixed incorrect Center and Height values output by the Find Barcode in Image node
  • Fixed issue where some large meshes were not rendered entirely (Thanks to Paul (@pbourke) and @akashaslc for reporting this issue — 1, 2)
  • Fixed issue where some PBMesh files wouldn't load correctly (Thanks to Paul (@pbourke) for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where some compositions would render 3D object transparency incorrectly when run in some host apps (Thanks to Azy (@krezrock) for reporting this issue.)
  • Fixed Vuo Editor crash when specializing a generic port to the Tempo Range type (Thanks to @timwessman for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed composition crash when attempting to load an image larger than OpenGL's limit (Thanks to Paul (@pbourke) for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed off-by-1 errors when the Calculate Amplitude for Frequencies averages bins in quadratic and logarithmic modes, and added support for showing the frequency ranges used (Thanks to @Kewl for the discussion that led to this!)
  • Fixed sporadic composition crash when using the NVIDIA 9400M GPU (Thanks to @xoanxil for reporting this issue!)
  • Fixed issue where the Tile Starfield and Bounce Stereo Sphere example compositions didn't render in fullscreen on systems with 256 MB VRAM, such as the NVIDIA 9400M GPU
  • Fixed the texture coordinates generated by the Make Grid Lines Object, Make Cone, and Make Tube nodes, and fixed incorrect lighting when rendering those objects
  • Fixed Smooth with Spring outputting NaN when the period is 0 or negative
  • Fixed issue where diacritics were sometimes separated from their letters in subcomposition node class names