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PDF icon vuo-0.8.0-manual.pdf

With this release came numerous new nodes and example compositions, as well as many bug fixes and usability improvements. New features include:

  • 3D object filter nodes to warp 3D objects
  • Stereoscopic rendering nodes for 3D imaging (premium)
  • A mesh warping node for rendering on planetariums, domes, and other surfaces (premium)
  • A barcode scanning node that finds barcodes within images
  • Window and screen nodes to control a composition's fullscreen status and other window parameters
  • Audio output for the movie player node
  • A Cocoa API to make it easier for developers to integrate Vuo into their Mac applications
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PDF icon vuo-0.7.0-manual.pdf

This release adds many new nodes and other features, including:

  • Nodes for audio input/output, useful for music visualizations, sound effects, and audio playback
  • Nodes for keyboard input, useful for adding keyboard controls or text input to graphics windows
  • Nodes for iterative graphics, useful for drawing multiple 2D or 3D objects at a time
  • Improved support for UI design
    • Nodes for animation
    • Nodes for interaction with layers
    • Nodes for layers with shadows
  • Improved support for using Vuo compositions as plugins in 3rd-party applications
    • Ability to create a composition whose published ports match a protocol (Image Filter or Image Generator), providing an interface between the composition and the application
    • Reduced Vuo framework size by 25%
  • Added an "event throttling" setting to help prevent compositions from slowing down when events are firing faster than the user's computer can process them
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PDF icon vuo-0.6.1-manual.pdf

This release fixes a couple critical issues in Vuo 0.6.0:

  • Fixed issue causing exported apps to crash. (Thanks to @bareimage1 for reporting this issue.) [#7620]
  • Fixed issue where the output of the Change Wrap Mode node might flicker between the original and changed values. [#6523]
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PDF icon vuo-0.6.0-manual.pdf

This release introduces many new nodes — lighting in 3D scenes, cameras that look at points, image filters, and more. We've added the ability for 32-bit applications to build, run, and control a Vuo composition, making it possible for more VJ applications to integrate Vuo. Also we've made many, many Vuo Editor improvements, for improved usability and a smoother experience, and implemented several bug fixes and features requested by the Vuo community.

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PDF icon vuo-0.5.6-manual.pdf

This release fixes a critical issue with generic nodes, and a few other issues:

  • Fixed Vuo Editor crashes when opening compositions or instantiating generic nodes on some systems (systems where Xcode Command Line Tools was not installed). (Thanks to dreamrec, architek1, @bareimage1, and pixelnoizz for helping us track down this problem!) [#7237]
  • Fixed crash that occurred when publishing the input of a drawer, then publishing the input "list" port of the drawer's host node. [#7243]
  • Fixed editor hang after publishing a generic port, specializing the port, and then Undoing. [#7138]
  • Fixed Display Scene example composition (its scene filename had been corrupted). [#7240]
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