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Vuo 2.1.0 adds several new features and fixes several community-reported issues. Highlights include:

  • Send and receive video via NewTek NDI® (Vuo Pro)
  • Stream live video using RTMP (for Twitch, Periscope,, Wowza, YouTube, Facebook, …)
  • Face landmark detection: Find Faces in Image now detects eyes, nose and mouth (Vuo Pro)
  • Fixed-height (in addition to fixed-width) image layers and objects
  • OSC wildcard matching
  • New Change Window Level node
  • New nodes for manipulating binary data
  • Expanded documentation, more example compositions, and more example SDK code

Read on for all the details.

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Vuo 2.0.3 fixes several minor issues and makes improvements to performance and stability.

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Vuo 2.0.2 fixes a problem in Vuo 2.0.1 where compositions wouldn't run at all on some computers (thanks to DetAndreTeatret, Paul, and visiophone for reporting this — 1, 2, 3)

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Binary Data vuo-2.0.1-sdk.pkg
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Vuo 2.0.1 fixes a few minor issues:

  • Fixed issue where Fetch Data would output empty data if the website provides text using the ISO-8859-1 character set (Thanks to Bodysoulspirit for reporting this!)
  • Clarified documentation on NULL-termination in Convert Data to Text and Convert Text to Data (Thanks to Adrian for asking about this!)
  • Improved resilience of text processing nodes when working with various character encodings
  • Improved performance of Fetch * nodes when reading large local files
  • Enabled Fetch * nodes to work with relative and "no authority" file: scheme URIs
  • Fixed issue where pasting into a composition would sometimes unexpectedly unhide the published port sidebars
  • Modified the "Save to User Library" dialog to prevent creating nodes with class prefix vuo
  • Improved appearance of code blocks in comments
  • Fixed potential editor crash when the editor is left running for multiple days
  • Removed SDK documentation caveat about non-pointer node instance data, since that now works in at least some cases
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Binary Data vuo-2.0.0-sdk.pkg
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Vuo 2.0.0 includes many new features and a new visual design. Highlights include:

  • New Vuo Community Edition, free for personal use and small organizations, and fully open source
  • Added support for exporting more formats:
    • FxPlugs for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion (Vuo Pro)
    • macOS FFGL (FreeFrame 1.6+) plugins (Vuo Pro)
    • macOS Screen Savers (Vuo Pro)
    • HEVC/h.265 video
  • Many new and improved Vuo editor features, such as:
    • Comments
    • Loading basic ISF shader files, and editing GLSL and ISF shader code
    • Easier-to-use subcompositions — load from local folders, live-edit, more-intuitive event handling, package nodes as a subcomposition while preserving cable connections
    • Thumbnail images in Image port popovers
    • Easier-to-use generic types
    • Work-in-progress français, español, and Deutsch translations for the Vuo editor interface
    • Pinch-zoom and smooth scrolling
  • Many new nodes, such as:
    • Find Faces in Image (Vuo Pro)
    • Make Image from Web Page
    • Speak
    • Make Triangles Object
    • Receive Touches for multitouch trackpads
    • Execute Shell Command
    • Nodes for working with equirectangular panoramas and cubemaps
    • Themeable UI nodes
  • Many improved nodes, such as:
    • Make Text Layer — scaling, stretching, wrapping
    • Support for playing RTSP video
    • Improved rendering of semitransparent 3D objects
    • Improved performance when decoding Hap video
    • Simplified window nodes and time event flow

Vuo 2.0.0 supports macOS 10.10 and up.

Read on for all the details.

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