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Introducing Vuo 0.5.5 — Generic types, receive OSC, and render text!

We’ve just released Vuo 0.5.5! In this release we’ve made it easier to use Vuo by introducing generic types for nodes. Now you can drag a single node onto the canvas (such as the Select Input node) for all types of data. Connect the node to your composition by a cable, or right click to view your options, and the node becomes specific for that type of data. This change makes the node library is more compact, making it easier to find and use nodes. Vuo will automatically update your compositions to use the new generic nodes.

Introducing Vuo 0.5.4 — Kinect, layers, editor improvements, and more movie and 3D scene nodes

In this release we’ve added dozens of nodes to expand what you can do with Vuo. They include supporting Kinect depth + RGB input (sooner than we planned!), a new layer node set (great for compositing 2D images), advanced movie features (get frame at time, variable playback rates, mirror looping), scenegraph improvements (drawing points and lines, improved performance), and several nodes that make interaction easier (Toggle, Became True, Is Within Range, Measure Time) and more. Packaged with these developments are new, interesting sample compositions, such as FlipPhoto.vuo, BounceLineStrip.vuo, and SimulateFilmProjector.vuo. There are also significant improvements to the editor, including the ability to manually fire a trigger port, and the ability to select which type converter to insert when connecting a cable. It’s amazing that so much has come together in the last few weeks.

Introducing Vuo 0.5.3 — Export Mac apps, play video, use perspective and orthographic cameras!

We’ve added three features that we hope you’ll enjoy — support for playing videos, camera nodes, and the ability to export Vuo compositions as standalone Mac OS X applications. This release is also packed with editor improvements, more example compositions, and performance enhancements.

The Vuo Community voted, and Syphon is here! Plus a new 3D objects tutorial.

Hey there,

Back in February, the Vuo community voted on which devices and protocols were most important for Vuo to implement first. Syphon came in near the top of the list — and it’s here! Vuo 0.5.2, available for subscribers to download now, includes Syphon support — let video integration begin!

Vuo is launched and the Vuo Community is flowing! — Here comes 0.5.1

Team Vuo is proud and thankful for the overwhelming interest and support we received during Vuo’s launch — THANK YOU! We are most excited about what the Vuo Community will do going forward. Due to the immediate efforts of several community members who submitted clear and detailed reports, we were able to efficiently pinpoint and remedy several graphics issues in the first few days. Go Vuo! We have high hopes about what Vuo will become — because of what the Vuo Community is already doing. Here’s what we did this weekend:

The Vuo public beta lands in 12 hours. Now including support for the Leap Motion device!

Vuo’s beta release will support the Leap Motion device — use hand and finger tracking to interact with your compositions!

Yesterday, Leap Motion announced our collaboration on their developer blog. Check it out.

— Steve

(P.S. — Only 12 hours left to help kickstart Vuo and get your free T-shirt!)