Design and build live interactive media with Vuo — a visual programming environment. Drag, drop, and connect Vuo’s building blocks to make your own graphics, animations, sounds, apps, UI prototypes, and more. With Vuo, artists and creative people can create audio, visual, and mixed multimedia effects with ease.

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Vuo 1.2.4 release, nightclub lighting, and new tutorials

Vuo 1.2.4 has arrived! This update comes with a bunch of new features, including new varieties of noise image generation, new image filters including advanced blurs, a node to easily interface with NI mate for skeletal tracking, and several nodes contributed by community members. Our newest community spotlight features LED lighting for a 3D audio system at Ministry of Sound in London. Two community members have created new Vuo tutorials. We invite you to share your own tutorials and compositions.

Vuo 1.2.3 release, installation art, and a tip

We’ve just released Vuo 1.2.3, which adds projection mapping and other features and bug fixes. In our newest community spotlight, we feature an interactive installation that evoked a multi-sensory forest. If you’re looking for more votes to spend on feature requests, we’ve added another way to earn them. We offer some tips for learning Vuo if you’re coming from Quartz Composer.

Vuo+CoGe contest, features for Vuo 1.3, and tips

You have a chance to win a Vuo Pro license and a CoGe license by creating an image filter and entering it in the CoGe+Vuo contest — now through March 13. Vuo 1.3 is in the works, and we’ve chosen to include several of the top-voted feature requests. And we’re sharing a couple of tips on organizing cables and iterating through lists.